New Millennium Images Pty Ltd supplies premium quality home and gift items at affordable prices. Our newest and most popular range of Luster Glitter gift products include wrapping paper, gift bags, gift boxes, bows, ribbons, tapes, and greeting cards, turning heads with a unique no-mess glitter material.

Originally an image publishing company, we have a range of art prints, books, postcards, greeting cards, notebooks, notecards, stickers, and calendars in various sizes featuring gallery-standard fine art photographs from around Australia, as well as home décor products such as canvas art, lacquer blocks, picture frames, and glass art.

We also specialise in panoramic super-wide-angle photography which best captures the timeless landscapes of Australia and the world.

For more information please email us at or contact us at +61 2 9801 5407.

Our latest art catalogue is now available online (PDF, 24.36MB)